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Beer just doesn't come into existence. People make beer and people have stories

Beer is an ancient beverage that has a vague history tied to the ancient civilisations and trade routes. Beer took off as a drink in northern Europe and many great beer traditions are still there today.

As we discover each beer, we will provide some history and context. Where and when was it developed and who was it made for? What were the limits impacting the brewers and farmers who grew the ingredients. 

We will try to capture the spirit of each beer and try to explain the critical elements to recreate it at home. This will include the ingedients and the processes.

Over time we will add to the list with diffent styles from different places. We will add different tips and hints about home brewing techniques and ingredients.

Enjoy the journey with us. 
The Stories So Far

Vienna Lager

Scottish Ales

English Ales

A few times I have had the pleasure of travelling in and around Austria including cycling holidays along the banks of the Danube and the Salz rivers. It is a glorious mix of snow-capped Alps, green meadows and timber farm houses. It is such a clean and organised country, especially when swapping to and from the old east bloc countries like Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia. 
If you think that the Scotts aren’t focused on money, then your argument will be undermined by the way that the beer styles are named after the amount of duty that was paid on a hogshead of beer, a hogs head being a 54 gallon cask. Revived in the 70s, the names 60/-, 70/- and 80/- (/- means Shilling, worth 12 pence). 
If you get to London and have a spare week day, head out to the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery for a tour. You need to book and there may be a modest charge but it is worth the coin to do it. The ‘souvenir’ shop is really the merchandise shop for the pubs that serve Fuller’s. It has tap handles, rugby jumpers, bar mats and towels, but no snowdomes.   
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