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Welcome to "Beer Back Home" This is a site dedicated to discovering great beer around the world and then creating it in your home brewery.

The journey from being someone who likes beer and wonders how to make your own to a competent all grain brewer is an adventure to be savoured with a few fails and lots of great beer and new skills discovered on the way. The comedy troupes about home brew are more about the opportunity for a fart joke rather than being anywhere near the truth. Since the renaissance of beer in the 2000s and the cost and availability of home brewing technology being far friendlier, making your own beer is much more exciting and the risk of bad beer from basic issue far less.

There is a few paths to follow to get there but, whichever way you go, you will need to collect the same skills and knowledge and create your own brewery that will be uniquely yours and reflect your values and choices.
The core skills you will develop, and should work towards as soon as you can, are understanding the finished product, i.e. beer, in all its wonderful varieties, understanding the process, how beer can be brewed both at home and in a commercial brewery, and understanding the ingredients and how they contribute to the beer you make.

You also may notice I am into cycling. I guess one hobby negates the effects of the other. Mind you there is nothing so pleasent as a ride through some foreign countryside and stopping for a few interesting and novel, well earned ales. I have toured though parts of New Zealand, Britain, France and central Euroupe, mostly Austria, and will rent a bike at the drop of a helmet. Last time I went to Pisa, I skipped the leaning tower and rode a hire bike around the town and discovered a wonderful university town, free of tourists, only a half of a km from teaming crowds.

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